Currently focused on Found Object Craft + Real Estate Art, Sherlock came from a background in painting + photography. From showcases in restaurants, presentations in community spaces, as well as large scale theatrical treatments, Stacy has enjoyed the variety of opportunity her canvases have taken. Her preferred medium is acrylic in large scale + mural installation.

Sherlock spent the vast majority of her undergraduate as a scenic artist creating large scale faux finishes for theatrical presentation. Her comfort with treatments replicating wood, brick, rust, mold deterioration, scene work, fauna, textured tile, as well as stencilling, always inspire the textures + treatments in her found object creation work.

While travelling throughout Australia, Stacy was honoured + privileged to partake in an artist retreat hosted by Binna Swindley of the KuKu Yulangi country. This experience in dot work technique has influenced her more recent pieces as a continued exploration.

Holy Crow 18 x 14Buddah 12 x 12Purified Air 12 x 24Kenny 12 x 16Octopussy 18 x 14Jekyll 18 x 14The Chief 20 x 16Brad & Ed 2 portraits 8 x 16Wally 18 x 14Space 9 x 12Jitter Bug 18 x 14KuKu Skull 10 x 12