Buyers + Sellers

…Due to Stacy’s ongoing medical history and experiences with invisible disability, she is very aware and highly sensitive to the difficulties one can face when attempting to locate the ideal living situation. She understand the dichotomy of perfection + survival.
For some, it is a matter of safety.
For others, it is a matter of mobility.
For everyone, we need to review what would best suit our spectrum of needs.


                  …Whether you are a first time buyer OR attempting to find a better suited home, Stacy will review needs, wants, wish-list items, ideal circumstances, and best-case scenarios to locate the residence that works for the specificity of your evolving needs. It’s extremely important to take time to locate a household that not only works for the current requirements but as well as the future desires for its habitants. Stacy is extremely passionate about allowing her clients the space and support to review + envision + reimagine the concept of “home”.


In many situations, individuals find themselves in unanticipated circumstance and attempt to modify OR alter their current locations to meet their changing needs. Sometimes it’s easier to work with what you have and are sentimentally attached to, rather than looking beyond…honestly there can be so many things on your plate in these scenarios that the notion of relocating can seem overwhelming.

While working to find an ideal buyer for your current location, we can also begin reviewing options to bring about a happier home and fulfill the necessities required.