August 30 2019 The Vulnerable Sector: Staged Reading

From professional theatrical performances, developmental staged readings, poetry slams, story telling sessions + most recently specialized Real Estate presentations,
Sherlock has a vast array of dexterity publicly discussing the stigmatization surrounding a variety of medical invisible disabilities and societal nuances that few publicly disclose.
Her archive of experiences allows her to easily transition between stylized performances to academic conversations.
If interested in booking a presentation, please reach out!


June 27 2019 Kickstart Disability Arts  + Granville Island Market Artist
April 16 2019 Shaughnessy Stroke Recovery Presentation
February 14 2019 ConnecTra Abilities Expo 2019
January 11 2019 Richmond Stroke Recovery Presentation
December 12 2018 Co-Op Soap Box Radio Station On Air Interview + Presentation
September 18 2018 Delta Stroke Recovery Presentation
July 10 2018 Delta Stroke Recovery Presentation
June 11 2018 Port Coquitlam Stroke Recovery Presentation
June 6 2018 Burnaby North Stroke Recovery Presentation
May 24 2018 Surrey Stroke Recovery Presentation
March 2 2018 ConnecTra Abilities Expo 2018
November 30 2017 BC Nurses Union Human Rights + Equity Conference

May 25 2019 Richmond Centre For Disability: Invisible Illness + Disability Awareness
December 3 2018 KickstArt International Day for Persons with Disability Event
August 26 2018 Barefoot For Bipolar Stanley Park Walkabout Event
June 1 2018 AACC Intergenerational Event
April 26 2018 Stigma Free Society + Pacific Autism Family Network Presentation
February 22 2018 March of Dimes: Disability Conference