…focuses on Differently-Abled + Spectrum + Specialty Needs clients. Her experiences with Invisible Disability ground her passion for out-of-the-box vision, to guide you to the property which best suites your specificity.

Proud + Active Member on the Board of Directors at PTC (Playwrights Theatre Centre).

Proud + Active Volunteer for DIGA (Disabled Independent Gardeners Association).

Proud + Active Associate with Everywoman’s Health Centre.

Stacy Sherlock received her BFA in technical theatre design and production management from UBC in 2009. While attending UBC she was part of the Disability Resource Group, renamed Access + Diversity, for assistance with her Fragrancing Allergy + MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). From here, her passion for providing education and engaging in discussion on invisible disability grew.  In 2012 she facilitated an installation for Toronto Nuit Blanche with Abilities Art Festival + Jan Derbyshire. This production brought together artists of differing ability for roaming site specific audio plays engaging the city on the vast spectrum of needs, while educating the differently-abled theatre community to hone and practise their skills further. Stacy has created an online support group and facilitated meet-up opportunities to end the stigmatization and isolation of MCS in the lower mainland. As part of the 2017 BC Nurses Union Human Rights + Equity Conference, Stacy was asked to create a session on Invisible Disability + Establishing Safe Space: Dependency on Allies.  The ConnecTra Society recently invited Stacy back to participate as a service provider in the 2019 Abilities Expo. She is honoured to contribute once again for the differently-abled community + engage further in the support network discussion.

On December 12 2018 Stacy was welcomed onto SoapBox Radio to discuss all things related to her career + experiences with Invisible Disability. Check out past episodes!

As a personal passion, Stacy looks forward to developing off-grid sustainable housing akin to the architectural principals of Michael Reynolds. She will aim to create households built with the vast spectrum and accessibility at the forefront of design.  Rather than modifying or altering spaces to meet the needs of habitants, building designs with those principals at the forefront of creation would generate satisfied communities.

1 Response to STACY SHERLOCK

  1. David Roche says:

    Stacy is the real deal. Her knowledge, skills and passion are sorely needed by many of us. I am very very please to recommend her.


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